League Rules

  • The League consists of game play only. Practice times/courts are available for rent through each facility at an additional charge.
  • The League will provide up refs (R-1s). Each team will need to provide an R-2, scorers and line judges when not playing.
  • Each team will play 2-3 matches a night (pool play).
  • Liberos are allowed.
  • All teams must have a team representative. There must be an adult on the bench at all times (HS senior or 18+).
  • If you signed up as an Individual Player, you will be assigned to a team with a team rep/coach about 2 weeks before the start of the League.
  • A Concession Stand may be open at your venue. If so, do not bring outside food or drink into the building.
  • All players and visitors must obey rules of the venue where you are playing. All venues have a policy against coolers inside the gym. For player's safety we strongly discourage gum chewing.
  • Each individual will receive a team t-shirt. This shirt must be worn each night of the league. No jewelry allowed.
  • Rude or rowdy behavior is not acceptable. There is Zero tolerance for profanity.

This league is meant to be competitive but FUN at the same time. Please be respectful of other players, coaches, and referees. Follow the directions of all League officials. Failure to observe the rules may result in forfeiture of your right to play and/or ejection from the League without refund.

Game Rules:

  • All matches will be the best 2 out of 3 – rally scoring.
  • Refereeing will be according to UIL rules.
  • Warm up times will be for 2 minutes pepper, 3 minutes split hitting and 1 minute serving. Refs will start warm up time right after each match ends. Once teams have played one time through, we will only hit and serve - there will be no pepper time.
  • Each game will be rally score to 25, with the exception of the third game that will be played to 15.
  • Net Serve–if you serve the ball and it hits the top of the net and rolls over – IT'S GOOD!
  • We will not be using official scoresheets, but refs will expect the coach to still call substitutions and time outs!
  • The ref team consists of 2 line judges, a down ref and a scorekeeper (press buttons on the electronic scorers).
  • If a team does not show up for their reffing duty, they will forfeit the first game of their next match.

Team Rep Requirements:

  • Be the contact person for the League and the facility where you are playing.
  • Pass on information/schedules to the team.
  • Check in the first night, pick up shirts and packets and distribute to the team.
  • Find other players to join your team for night if short players (must have 5 players that are listed on your roster in order to play – you can pick up one player from another team if needed for a night).
  • Make sure that you (team rep) or another adult is on the bench at all times.